Ian & Ana | The Other Side Vlog Travelers

Ian and Ana are the couple behind The Other Side Vlog, a YouTube channel dedicated to their adventurous journey exploring the world. Amidst the pandemic, they decided to embark on a cross country van life experience where they are currently living.

What are some of your favorite ways to work out during quarantine?

We love to stay active outdoors! Between walking, hiking, swimming and paddle boarding, there’s so many options for us to work out. We also do at home workouts and enjoy using the Peloton App.

What is it like in the daily life of you?

Because we're full time traveler, daily life constantly changes for us. It totally just depends on what we have going on that day.

What are some ways you keep yourself mentally healthy?

By staying active, eating right and communicating. We believe communication is key when it comes to mental health. When you’re having a bad day, don’t be afraid to talk about.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Definitely anything in the water.

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Has there been any challenges trying to stay physically active during quarantine?

For sure. I think it was more a motivational struggle than anything. We had no trouble with options for exercise, however at some points morale was low.

Name 5 essential items you would take to work out?

Water, headphones, music, good shoes, and a comfy workout outfit.

What are some of your favorite foods to stay healthy?

Quinoa, salads, healthy bowls, avocados, and hummus, lots of hummus.

When did you first discover your passion for surfing/yoga/paddle boarding/etc?

We just love anything related to water activities and are always down to try new things! We’ve been paddle boarding since high school, so over 5 years. We are still trying to learn to surf. Ana has been doing yoga since high school as well! Ian not so much haha.

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Covid-19 has affected us all. Have you found any silver linings during the pandemic?

Before Covid-19 we were traveling internationally. We always had a passion for traveling abroad. Being stuck in the States forced us to get creative. That's why we built a van and traveled across the U.S in it. If it weren't for COVID, we never would've done that. Our new van life journey is the biggest silver lining for us.

What are some important qualities you look for in workout wear?

Cute and Comfort. That’s really it!

Do you have any favorite or essential pieces of active wear in your wardrobe?

My new Aleur workout set for sure! Meets all my requirements, cute and comfortable :)

Do you have any exciting new adventures planned for the future?

We are currently on a Florida road trip. Depending on how the world is after this, we are hoping to spend the summer in Europe. 

Where is your favorite spot to workout/yoga/surf/paddle board?

Right now any of the Florida Springs! They’re nice because there’s not much of a current and the water is so clear so you can see lots of animals as you paddle board.

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Has anything changed for your workout/yoga/surf during this pandemic?

Not really. I feel like these are outdoor activities so they haven’t been affected as much.

What do you see yourself accomplishing in the new year?

We see ourselves growing our business and constantly working on living a balanced life.

What are your top 5 most listened to songs on your playlist as of this month?

I think I’m Okay (MGK), Something Just Like This (Chainsmokers), Living (Dierks Bentley), Better off Dead (jxdn), Karma (Mod Sun)

Where are some of your favorite places you have traveled in the past 4 years?

We are obsessed with Southeast Asia. Our 2 favorite countries to visit are the Philippines and Indonesia.

How did you two meet? Share with us your brief love story.

We met in eighth grade but didn’t get together till the end of our senior year of high school. Ian asked me on a date and I thought it was a joke. I said yes and we went mini golfing. That was it, we fell in love after that one date. The hard part was that we had already chosen separate colleges to attend in the fall. We decided we’d only date in the summer and break up before college. We had the most magical, romantic summer of our lives. It was so hard to end things. About 2 months into college we decided we didn’t want to see other people and we only wanted each other. We ended up going long distance for 4 years. We drove 10 hours from the University of South Carolina to Indiana University and vice versa for 4 years. This coming May we will celebrate our 6 year anniversary :) 

Where are some of your dream destinations? 

Egypt, South Africa, New Zealand, Greece, and Antarctica

How have you two made travel work during the Covid pandemic?

We built a van and are traveling the USA!