In the Making of Aleur

Strive for sustainability & Ethical Practices

Behind the Factory & Production

The factory has over 80,000 square meters of powerful production space and 200 sets of imported Italian Santoni jacquard machines. 

With ethical production guidelines, Aleur has launched their first collection. Everything that’s made is made from hard working in house hands. From design, fabrication, customer service, and shipping, Aleur handles it all.


Italian Santoni Jacquard Machines are worldwide leading production machines for knitwear. They are well-known for their "Seamless" technology. As of today, most seamless machines are by Santoni.

In addition, for all Aleur's seamless designs, we source the top quality engineered fibers by NILIT®.

We pride ourselves in being an all-in-one company. Starting with a small group of creatives, creating high-quality clothes at an affordable price.


We pride ourselves in maintaining quality control. There’s no middle man. Aleur provides the best quality pieces at an affordable price for a reason!

We understand that customers are smart shoppers and seek for quality pieces that will last longer in their closet.

Here at Aleur, we aim to bring in designs and quality that won't break the bank.



In our industry, major brands are known to mark up their prices. But did you know, they market it almost 4x to 5x more? For Aleur, since there is no middle man and we bring products from the factory directly to our consumers, we are able to maintain high-quality product at an affordable price.